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Shadow Skill Techniques

Information about the fighting / combat techniques used in the Shadow Skill anime.

Kuruda Ryuu Kossapo

This fighting style was created by female slaves who fought back against their oppressors. Their hands were chained together, so they had to rely primarily on their legs for combat, and using their entire body as a weapon, with some limited help from their hands.

Dias Ragu - Kabuto

Shadow Skill (Eigi)
Lower body (legs, feet) techniques used by Kurudan Warriors.

An energy attack, used by building up energy around one leg, and swinging that leg into the opponent. Slices into opponents.

An attack in which the user rotates their legs at high speed and thrusts themselves towards the opponent. Slices into opponents.

An attack in which the user creates energy around one foot, and then drives their bodies into the opponent foot-first, usually from above.

An attack in which the user thrusts their entire body, feet-first, into the opponent at high speed.

A prolonged attack which requires the user to wrap the top of their foot around the neck of the opponent, and hurl their body around the opponent in a horizontal/circular motion, whilst keeping the foot in contact with the neck.

An extremely destructive attack in which the user has one leg pointed at the opponent, then energy released from the user's soul/spirit is forced down the leg and into the opponent. Causes a huge amount of damage to the opponent, and the surrounding area.

A move which renders the user invisible to all senses (possibly moving the user at high speeds), requires a huge amount of power, and results in damage to the legs and blood vessels of the user.

A move which renders the user's mind and spirit unreadable by the opponent.

A multi-hit final attack consisting of dozens of blows.

Open Skill (Kyougi)
Upper body (arms, hands) techniques used by Kurudan warriors.

An energy attack, used by building up energy around one fist, and releasing it by punching the air. Sends out a wave of energy which slices into opponents.

A defensive energy move which creates a circular energy shield in front of the user. Deflects all attacks.

An attack in which the user builds a moderate amount of energy into his fists, and punches the opponent rapidly.

An instant attack, used by building up a huge amount of energy in one hand, and thrusting it through an opponent whilst moving at high speed. Cuts opponents in two.

Ren Fuuma - Cougar

Ying Style (Ying Ryuu)
Lower and upper body techniques derived from existing Kuruda Ryuu Kossapo techniques, but made to be more refined, by Ren Fuuma.

A leg move, derived from Eigi's Chainsaw technique. The user leaps whilst rotating both his legs at high speed, thrusting the opponent into the air.

A fist move, derived from Eigi's Mace Technique. The user builds up energy into one fist and punches the opponent with it.

An enormous amount of energy is built up into the fingers on one hand, which is then thrust into the opponent's body, cutting right through it.

An energy hand move, derived from Eigi's Harken technique. The user uses two hands to build up energy instead of one, and releases a wave of energy towards the opponent.

An energy leg move, derived from Eigi's Sword technique. Creates energy as soon as the leg kicks, and does this faster than Eigi's Sword.

Lekitor Ryuu Kossapo

This fighting style is used by Lekitor warriors.

Fist of Earth
A fist move in which the user first thrusts their fist into the ground, then several fists made of soil/earth rise from the ground. The user then throws themselves fist-first towards the opponent, surrounded by the additional earth fists.