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Shadow Skill Style (DVD)

Shadow Skill Style is a DVD for fans of Shadow Skill, and contains various music, videos and extras. While the DVD is all in Japanese, you don't have to understand the language to enjoy it. The following is a brief guide to what can be found on the DVD.

If you're a fan of Shadow Skill, then this DVD is definitley something you need in your collection. It is quite rare to find though, I bought mine from Animaxis but this DVD is currently sold-out there (at the time of writing this - 13/05/2005.)

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Shadow Skill Style (DVD)

Shadow Skill Clip
This is a music video featuring 3 Japanese girls cosplaying as Elle, Folly and Kyo from Shadow Skill. The music is great, you can download the song from the Music page on this site. The video is around 6 minutes in length.

Shadow Skill Chronicle
This is a character bios feature, it brings up various information about the characters of Shadow Skill with a menu system and background music.

Shadow Skill Museum
This is an image gallery using a menu system, it shows images of all the characters and a peice of nice music to go with them.

Front Cover. Back Cover.


Shadow Skill Scene
This is a short anime movie which lasts around 20 minutes and features the girl on the DVD cover (see images above). The girl's hometown is burned down and she bumps into Scarface (Vy Low) who tells her to go to Kuruda, or so I can tell (there's no subtitles and it's in Japanese) and there she meets Elle Ragu who is drawn in the OVA style (blonde hair.)

Shadow Skill Clip (Making Of)
This is the making of the Shadow Skill Clip (music video, see above.) There's lots of very nice looking Japanese girls, all good to me.

Shape Up! Clip
This is another music video. It's a very cool Jrock song and the video features some Japanese guys kicking ten shades of **** out of each other.


This part of the DVD is the freebies you get on the disc, items for your computer such as icons and wallpapers. It is best to explore the disc directly and extract these though, as the interface in the DVD, being Japanese, can become quite confusing.

You get a lot of wallpapers, and they come in 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions for each one. These can be downloaded from the Images Page on this site.

Desktop Icons
Icons for your desktop. These come in both Windows and Mac format. These can be downloaded from the Desktop Media page on this site.

Sound Clips
Lots of little sound clips, which can be used to replace the default Windows system sounds.

Screensavers for your computer, these are very high quality and worth checking out. They come in both Windows and Mac format. These can be downloaded from the Desktop Media page on this site.