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Shadow Skill TV Series (Eigi)

General information, synopsis' and reviews of the Shadow Skill TV Series (also known as Shadow Skill Eigi) released by ADV Films.

General Information

Originally Released: 1998
Original Author: Megumu Okada
Series Conception: Masashi Sogo
Character Designs: Fumitomo Kizaki
Industrial Designs: Atsushi Yamagata
Music Composer: Osamu Tezuka
Published in: Monthly Dragon Jr. (Fujimi Shobo) & Dragon Comics (Kadokawa Shoten)
Producers: Shinjiro Yokoyama & Masahiro Toyozumi
Production: Sotsu Eizou & Studio Deen
Director: Tsukasa Sunaga
Distributed By: ADV Films

DVD Covers
Volume 01 Cover Volume 02 Cover Volume 03 Cover


The kingdom of Kuruda has known many warriors, none greater than the Sevalle, an elite breed whose mastery of martial arts has made them legendary. But for the 59th Sevalle, Elle Ragu, a.k.a. Shadow Skill, being a legend is shaping up to be something of a drag. After all, adventure alone doesn't pay the rent, and living cheek to cheek takes it's toll on even the fiercest warrior. Strong as an ox and stubborn as a mule she may be, but it's drinking like a fish that usually gets Elle in trouble. And as she travels alongside her brother Gau, leaving property damage and unpaid bar-tabs in their wake, a new threat looms on the horizon: spies from the kingdom of Solfan have entered the picture, and Kuruda seems to be headed for war...

Come, enter a world of demon beasts and magical talismans, as our hot-tempered redhead takes on legions of foes foolish enough to cross her, in this, the first installment of Shadow Skill, from the makers of Amazing Nurse Nanako and Tenchi Muyo!

Provided by the ADV Films Volume 01 US DVD Cover.


Shadow Skill Series Review 01
Reviewed by Cosplay Patchwork

The Sevar is a person who holds emense strength and is the most powerful fighter in all of Kuruda. Shadow Skill follows the life of Gau Ban as he struggles to gain enough power to become a Sevar. Elle Lagu, also known as Shadow Skill, is a Sevar who adopted and teaches Gau the ways of the Kuruda mercenary style fighting techniques. Gau faces many trials on his journey into greatness.

This is a series that to me is grossly underappreciated. My friend has been a big fan of the Shadow Skill OVAs for a couple years now and I enjoyed them. When she found fansubs of Shadow Skill the TV series, she was quite pleased and over the course of a couple months, she bought the entire series on video. Each episode starts off with a powerful opening called "Born Legend" by Kasumi which is a song I greatly enjoy. (^_^) The animation isn't that great which isn't surprising since the series is from 1998, but the bg music is quite nice, in fact, I'm going to have to buy the soundtrack if I can find it in stores. (^^) The plot is a bit shaky and the series has a lot of climax points which isn't a good thing. A really good series should have one climax, Shadow Skill has far too many and introduces some bad guys who are never really explained. Even still, I enjoyed the martial arts sequences and the plot twists and turns that were around every corner. I also heart Dias Lagu who is Elle's older brother. He's a great character! (^^) The voice work is pretty good in Shadow Skill. Akio Matsuoka, who played Gau, has very few credits to his name besides being Gau in this series, but his voice was really well suited to the character. He had strength and power yet an underlying tone of caring and compassion whenever he spoke. That is an important part of Gau's personality and Akio conveyed it well. Megumi Hayashibara, who played Elle Lagu, however, is quite an experienced seiyuu. She's been Lime in Saber Marionette J, Lina Inverse in Slayers, Rei Ayanami in Neon Genesis Evangelion... and was quite suited to playing Elle in this series. She has a very powerful voice and she played a very powerful character well. Despite some plot problems, Shadow Skill is a really fun series. If I had more guts and costume making skills, I would surely Cosplay a character from this series. *cough, Dias, cough* (^_^) If you enjoy martial arts and action, and you can find a copy of this somewhat obscure series, you'll definitely enjoy it! (^^)
Overall Rating: 8/10

Shadow Skill Series Review 02
Reviewed by ctfan

Shadow Skill is an anime that has the following genres: Action, Comedy and Fantasy.

It tells of warriors known as Sevaars who use powerful attacks to defeat or kill their opponents. There are also Vaars, who train in the ways of being a Sevaar. The story revolves around Elle Ragu A.K.A. Shadow Skill who is the 59th Sevaar (you'll know the 55th to the 59th Sevaars of Kuruda... (The city where Elle is going to)) and her adopted brother Gau, a Vaar, Kyou a Septia (A group of people that capture beasts) Faury, a Sui Reme (Uses talismans as a weapon as well as for other purposes Eg. Healing).

Elle and her gang soon get involved in plots, funny, serious and sad. And soon, the real plot begins to unfold. A must for people who love violent but funny anime. The music is a must as well, both the opening and ending songs makes you want to sing along. Though there are only 26 episodes, you will get the craving of needing more Shadow Skill, which is a true masterpiece.

Shadow Skill Series Review 03
Reviewed by Black Howling

Fans of Martial Arts anime shows rejoice! Shadow Skill is about a young man named Gau Ban, his sister Elle Ragu, and their friends as they go on their adventures. Gau and his sister along with their Friends Kyo, Folly, Screebe, and a host of other brilliant cast members fight to defend Kuruda from all evil forces.

The Shadow Skill story revolves around the Holy Kingdom Ashliana and the holy city of Juliannes and the four kingdoms that protect it. Felisha to the west, Kisholana to the east, Kuruda to the south, and Lekitor to the north. An enemy seeks to destroy the Holy Kingdom due to their countries poor state and it is up to Gau and his sister to stop them. Follow in their adventures as the use of the superb fighting style, the Shadow Skill, to defend the Holy Kingdom from all who oppose it, and will Gau ever become the man he wants to be? The only way to find out is to watch Shadow Skill and find out!