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Shadow Skill OVA (Movie)

General information, synopsis' and reviews of the Shadow Skill OVA (Movie) released by Manga Video. Please click below to view each OVA.

OVA 1-3 (Movie)
OVA 4 (Epilogue)
OVA 5 (Secret of the Kurudan Style)

General Information

Shadow Skill OVA (Movie)

There is often a lot of confusion regarding the Shadow Skill OVAs and the order in which they should be viewed. This is mainly due to the nature of it's release in the West. I'll try my best to clear some of that confusion up in the following paragraphs.

The Shadow Skill 3-part OVA was released in 1995 and marketed in the West as "The Movie". The OVA depicts 3 seperate stories featuring the main characters Elle, Gau, Folly and Kyo. Those stories were just clumped-together and called "The Movie", which is why it doesn't really work very well as a movie, and comes across as being quite confusing.

The Epilogue is often referred to as "Shadow Skill OVA 4" with the 3-part OVA (Movie) being OVAs 1-3. The Epilogue was released in 1994, but it tells a story set after the events of the 3-part OVA. This is where the most confusion regarding the OVAs comes from. As a result, it is desirable to watch the Epilogue after watching the 3-part OVA (Movie) as you get to know the characters a little better before-hand, but it doesn't really matter either way.

The Epilogue was originally titled just "Shadow Skill", and is available as part of the US and UK Shadow Skill "Ultimate Edition" DVD (Pictured, top-right).

Shadow Skill OVA 5, Secret of the Kurudan Style, is a fully CG rendered adaptation of a Shadow Skill story using ToonShader technology.