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Shadow Skill Fanfiction

The following are fanfics based on the Shadow Skill OVA/Movie, Series and Manga. All reviews are copyright of their kind authors that have given me permission to host them on this site.

To read these fanfics, either click on the links to view in text format (.txt) in your browser, or right click on the links and save the file to your PC. To make the file easier to read after download, copy all the text in the notepad and paste the text into a word processor. Some of these fanfics may not be suitable for under 18s. These fanfics will have a [18] mark next to them to indicate this. Myself and the authors hold no responsibility for any offence caused while reading these fanfics.

Consequent by Yen

Excerpt: "Why are you here?" Curiosity replaced her surprise. She was used to his sudden appearances, though their first meeting left her wary of dark corners for a week. It took her much longer not to think vampire whenever he showed up.

Flowers For The Lady by Kaga

Excerpt: Roars of applause shook the coliseum as Dias Ragu raised a weapon in salute. Then he turned and started for the exit when another wave of cheers sounded from the other arena. A small smile ceased his features as he stepped into the shadows. He didn't have to hear the announcement to know that his little sister had won.

Lets Play Bar!!! by guyan0katie-chan

Excerpt: So all the chibi and the bar are ready to play in the orchard of the green octopus. Elle and gau where arranging some planks as a counter and tables. While low and ren where constructing faurys office. And faury, kyuo and lilivelt had gone in search of some drinks after an unsuccessful attempt at trying to make cider by mashing apples. All three where still trying to get apple mush out of their hair.

Let Your Heart Do All the Talking by Escachick357

Excerpt: After a minute two sets of footsteps came up: one normal, another dragging. Kyou looked up and saw Elle and Gau smiling. Gau was covered in bruises and struggling to stand. Kyou softly giggled and saw Low standing underneath a tree behind Elle. She blushed.

Queen of all Kuruda by guyan0katie-chan

Excerpt: "Elle c'mon were late as it is! Jeez Elle this is important you know! Scarface-san and Crimson-sama will have destroyed the entire Kingdom and then you will get into a lot of trouble!" Gau gave a sigh as he watched his sister chug back another bottle and completely ignore him.

Song of the Wind by Halfling Rogue

Excerpt: Oh, there I go again. Contradicting myself. What did Faury call it? Ah yes, a hypocrite. Saying how much I hate thinking, yet trying to convince other people to do it more. Well, I suppose this is one case where thinking things over would definitely be better in the long run.

The Chase by Akishira

Excerpt: Dias looked heavenwards briefly. "Souma help me." In a way, he expected this. Being Vy Low's best friend could, at times, be very punishing on one's nerves. Dias really and truly pitied G.

The Puzzle of My Heart by Tekk Blade

Excerpt: Suddenly, the arena caught a glimpse of metal somewhere high above, and when they saw what it was, they could not help but gasp in awe. For Gau had unsheathed the legendary weapon "Blackwing" from his back and was now hurling it at Low with great speed.

The Side You Don't See [18] by Amatorculus

Excerpt: Gau awoke to stinging sunlight, from which he immediately recoiled. Both his eyes and his whole head felt sore, and as his gradually became more aware he noticed that some other areas of his body ached as well. His breath caught in his throat as he registered the body behind him, naked, pressed against his bare back.

The Visit Home by Kaga

Excerpt: Speaking of Folsutis, Scarface heard soft footfalls in the next room, where said lady was going through the presents he had thoughtfully brought back from his travels. He had specifically made it his business to get some new clothing for his wife, it has been too long since she worn anything besides that metal 'mother-in-law'.

The Wings of a Darkangel by Sukunami Taka

Excerpt: "Did I?" responded the warrior, his soft hair masking his eyes. The whispering wind blew across, Darkness cocked his head, just to see the black boomerang, tips wide like wings, split into in the sun's light, twirling back..

Winged Interlude [18] by Starshadow

Excerpt: The bright head lifted, and Crimson, ever one to appreciate beauty when he saw it, felt the familiar thrill of pleasure as eyes the color of purest amethyst lifted up to meet his sapphire gaze head-on. Large and thickly lashed, they sparkled with mischief as she stood with hands on her hips to call up to him.