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Shadow Skill Episode Summaries

These summaries contain spoilers, so don't read if you don't want to know what happens in each episode. These summaries can be obtained in Microsoft Word (.doc) format from the Kuruda ML. Many thanks to Starshadow for providing them.

Click on the links below to view information on each episode of the Shadow Skill Series. To download the summaries, right click on the links and select 'Save As.' All summaries are in text (.txt) format. There are 26 episodes for this series in total, a few are missing from this list.

Episode 01

Introduction: Opens with the moon moving away from across the surface of the sun - tail end of a solar eclipse. Narrator provides a description/narration of what a sevalle is. Elle is shown in a competitive/duelling sequence, emerging triumphant.

Episode 02

Introduction: A fighter is show drawing blood from his finger and smearing it on his cheek. A voice-over introduces Scarface, shown standing with the wind whipping his cloak, over the ruins of a building. The narration says he is the strongest and most respected fighter of Kuruda, worshiped by all the others. His strength is a match for a thousand men, and the scar on his cheek is obvious proof of his heroism. Compared to a fierce god running through a battlefield.

Episode 03

Introduction: The moon shines redly over a desolate landscape littered with dead bodies over which the wind howls. We see a shocked Kyo kneeling beside the Septia Master, who is also her grandfather. He is dead. She wonders where the demon beast went, and still in denial, asks her grandfather to wake up. The roar of a beast is heard in the night.

Episode 04

Introduction: It is morning at the Green Octopus Inn, located on a island in Kuruda lake. Faury, Elle, Kyo and Gau are working in the inn's orchard. Or rather, Faury, Kyo and Gau are working, while Elle is sitting under a tree singing a little song - and she's out of tune. Kyo and Gau are moving sacks of sand and distributing them around the trees of the orchard.

Episode 05

Introduction: Narrator describes how Kuruda, located to the south of the Holy Kingdom of Ashlianna, is a land that had given birth to a large number of mercenaries. Mercenaries who accomplish missions, no matter how difficult, using the Kuruda Style Annihalation Technique. Some say their prowess is more comparable to a demon than a human. This is one tale concerning the honor of those mercenaries.

Episode 06

Introduction: The practice ground at the Green Octopus Inn. Elle and Gau are practising - and Gau is getting the worst of it. The dust and noise startles Feorina, who is enjoying the new morning after a good night's sleep.

Episode 07

Introduction: Identical in every way to the teaser in the first episode.

Episode 08

Introduction: A quiet, sunny day in Kuruda. In the sevalle statue gallery, three female sevalle apprentices are gathered at the pedestal for Elle's statue. They are wondering when the statue will be finished, but can imagine that it will look truly magnificent.

Episode 09

Introduction: Map of Ashlianna. As the camera focuses on Juliannes, a narration describes it as a city with a rich tradition of four thousand years. We see the city, suspended in mid-air, a city in the clouds and anchored by chains to the land below.

Episode 11

Introduction: Intro is coming soon...

Episode 12

Introduction: Night. A full moon is shining over the battlefield where the Kuruda veterans and Elle are fighting to stop Gana Gee. They have discovered that Elle has been lured into a trap to delay her coming to the aid of her older brother Dias. The three veterans take down Gana Gee, who tries to escape by going over the cliff's edge.

Episode 13

Introduction: Flasback scene to Low's first confrontations with Gau. Voice-over narration: "A wise man once said, do not utter strings of flattering compliments to describe a fighter. A fight is supposed to be extremely merciless and cruel. He also said, when a man must fight against an irreplaceable friend, the mercilessness of the fight is at its absolute maximum."

Episode 14

Introduction: A wall mural. The narration explains: "The Holy Force that all things in the universe possess. The ancients of the Holy Kingdom of Ashlianna said this about this holy possession: 'It is to be the force of Souma.' Souma dwells in all things in this world, and furthermore, it is handed down throughout the generations, continuing to waver as time goes by, as it continues to offer great gifts to all the people all over Ashlianna."

Episode 15

Introduction: Scarface Vy Low is shown peering into a box. A priest is explaining that when the man inside was found at the edge of the forest, he was already dead. They had been planning to bury him in the village cemetery, since no one had come forward to claim him...

Episode 16

Introduction: Kain Phalanx is talking to a mysterious figure who asks if he is really sure about selling his soul. Kain replies that he is sure; and the figure reminds him that he is throwing away his very life and the title of sevalle as well - what does he wish to gain for a sacrifice so great?

Episode 17

Introduction: Flashback to previous episode. We see Kyo's body hit the ground, mortally wounded after one punch by Kain... Elle thrown aside, her arm shattered... Gau coming upon the scene...

Episode 18

Introduction: Recap of the close of the previous episode. G bursts into the Hall of Hades, and Gau Ban announces himself to the King.

Episode 19

Introduction: Kuruda Harbor. Ren Fuuma is standing on one of the piers, waiting for something to happen. A trio of Kisholana Iron Swordsmen appear behind him, ready to use the Iron Sword Annihilation technique - raising their swords, iron bubbles form into humanoid looking creatures. Ren unleashes the Kuruda Style Annihilation Technique - Ying Style upon them, and defeats them with very little resistance. Ren leaves them with a mutter of contempt.

Episode 20

Introduction: Narrator: "Darkness. It surrounds many objects and it is pitch-black. It will never create any light to shine on things. (Visual of Darkness' face.) How come human beings fear the darkness so much? (Darkness' one eye opens.) Some people hypothesize that there is a fear of death in the darkness (Zoom in on Darkness' eye to a sky filled with stars) that may be the reason."

Episode 21

Introduction: Black shadows and the sound of a heartbeat. Gau is lying in the meadow where we left him in the previous episode, and it is his heartbeat that we hear. Blood is slowly pulsing out of him in an ever-widening pool. "I... might not make it, Elle... I'm scared... I'm scared... I'm scared..."

Episode 22

Introduction: Repeat of closing scene from previous episode. Elle saying farewell to her brother. Gau in tears. The sunlight sparkling on the black wing stuck into a small mound of earth.