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About the Shadow Skill Network

On this page you'll find information about this site, how to contact the webmaster, and other useful information.


This site is dedicated to the action anime series Shadow Skill. The OVA (movie) is licensed by Manga Video, the series is licensed by ADV Films. The purpose of this site is to provide media and information for fans of Shadow Skill, and those that are interested in learning more about this particular manga and anime.


You can contact me (Pixus/Pixel) either by sending a personal message through the forums or alternatively, you can can send me an email from the Contact page.


This site is in no way affiliated with the creators of Shadow Skill or it's licensing companies or any other body associated with this anime. Some of the content on this site may not be suitable for those under 15 years of age. I accept no responsibility for any offence caused whilst viewing this site. Appropriate age ratings have been placed on some of the site's more mature content, for example [18] indicates that the content is intended for persons aged 18 years and older.


This site's design and coding are copyright of the Shadow Skill Network and must not be used or reproduced without permission. All images and other media contained within this site are copyright of their respective owners and/or creators.


The MP3s on this site must be used as a buying guide and deleted after 24 hours of having downloaded them. The Shadow Skill series episodes are free fansubs and will be taken down as soon as the series is licensed. You will not direct link to any images or other media on this site for use on your own site, forums, or other personal internet profile.

Links / Affiliation

If you wish to affiliate or link with this site, please register on the forums and send a private/instant message to "Pixel" stating why you wish to become an affiliate, and providing the relevant links and contact information.


Do not contact this site for advertising purposes..


On December 1 2008, SSN will be celebrating it's 5th year online. For more information on the history of this site, please visit the History page.


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Highest Alexa Traffic Rank: 869,789