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Welcome to the Shadow Skill Network

Elle Ragu aka Shadow Skill

This site is your No.1 stop for Shadow Skill downloads, media and information. We are dedicated to bringing you everything Shadow Skill related, and providing a place for fans of Shadow Skill to discuss it with each other.

If you wish to discuss Shadow Skill with other fans, you can do so via the Forums, or through the Kuruda Mailing List.

This site was last updated on 11 Dec 2013.

What is Shadow Skill?

Shadow Skill is a manga, which was later released as a 3-part OVA (Movie) and a TV series (26 episodes). It tells the story of Elle and her adopted brother Gau and their adventures as they fight in a world of honour, magic, and fearsome enemies.

Throughout the saga you can expect incredible fight sequences, the use of a fictional yet in-depth martial arts language, oh, and blood, lots of blood. The Shadow Skill OVA (movie) is licensed by Manga Video, the series is licensed by ADV Films.

Shadow Skill & SSN News

Fiorina, The Green Octopus innkeeper

Latest News: 01 Dec 2013
This site has now been online (in one form or another) for 10 years! See the History page for more details. Here's hoping it stays around for another 10.

The forum is currently undergoing a huge, long-overdue cleanup. As a result, registration to the forums will be unavailable for the time being. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Latest News: 29 Apr 2010
Manga Guide page updated with new manga, more info about this manga on our forums here.

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Latest News: 04 Sep 2009
The translated lyrics for Born Legend (Shadow Skill TV series opening theme) is now online. Thanks Zenmetsu Saseru.

Latest News: 01 Sep 2009
A.D. Vision (ADV Films) is no longer operating, and selling all of it's assets. Will Shadow Skill Eigi (TV) be picked up by another distributor? Discuss it on our forums here.

Latest News: 15 Apr 2008
SSN now has a new site design, and a few new pages with new content. Images are now back on their pages instead of hiding away in .rar archives, and all downloads are back in operation, with extra 3rd-party mirrors too. Click here for a more detailed list of changes.

Latest News: 13 Nov 2007
The Shadow Skill - DVD Complete Collection (Thinpak) is finally released by ADV Films.

Latest News: 03 Jul 2006
Shadow Skill OVA is featured on Anime World Order Podcast. Check out show #25 "Anime With Girls Who Kick Butt."
Link updated, and here's the direct link to the podcast in question. - (9 May 2010)

Latest News: 29 Jun 2005
It's official, the Shadow Skill TV series has been licensed by ADV Films. ADV plan to start releasing this series from November 2005, more details will be released at Anime Expo. Good news or bad news for Shadow Skill? Discuss it in our forums and let us know what you think.

Latest News: 27 Jun 2005
Rumours are circulating that ADV Films now have the rights to the Shadow Skill TV Series, after a teaser trailer for the series has appeared on their site. If this is true, it could mean the rebirth of the online Shadow Skill community, since the original OVA's release in 1995. More news on this as soon as it comes. Keep an eye on the forums for the latest on this story. To download the new Shadow Skill series trailer created by ADV, visit the videos page on this site.